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senior sleeping

10 Tips for Improving Sleep Quality

Barely half of Americans say they are getting enough sleep, and even fewer are sleeping well. Here are 10 tips for improving sleep quality

Great tips to lower your salt intake

Infographic: Great Tips to Lower Your Salt Intake

Most of us consume too much salt because we have a taste for it! But experts say we can retrain our taste buds to crave substantially less dietary sodium. Check out these ways to do just that.

senior reviewing their medications

Polypharmacy in the Elderly

Medications can protect health and lengthen life, but they also can create health hazards. Learn more about polypharmacy and its impact on older adults.

senior outside in the green tall trees

Get Up and Get Out … Into Nature

Many older adults have been holing up indoors for almost a year now to avoid exposure to COVID-19. This has led to an epidemic of loneliness—and to what experts call “nature deprivation.” Fortunately, we needn’t take a trip to the wilderness to reap the benefits of spending time in greenery.

seniors celebrating Valentine

How Valentines Affect Each Other’s Health

Intriguing studies show that while feeling happy and optimistic are good for our health, our spouse’s attitude can be more important than our own!

Finding Reliable Healthcare Information Online

Infographic: Finding Reliable Healthcare Information Online

When it comes to health and wellness, it seems as if everyone has an opinion. But it can be dangerous to listen to the wrong one! How can we tell reliable sources from misinformation? Here is a “cheat sheet” to help.

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